Robust, intelligent, confident and noble breed. We are considered as rottweiler person always. Rottweilers have the inherent abilities to protect and work, and that lead us to pursue our dream to establish european lineage in the Philippines.

Last 2002, we began to import top show quality rottweiler puppies from several top european breeders. V Schwaiger Wappen, VH Neubrand, VH Sommer, VH Falconsnest, VH Polderbos, Earl Antonius, and Zanas Babies Kennel. All of them extended valuable guidance and relentless supports to help build the cornerstone of our kennel.

We strive and aim to produce and maintain top show quality rottweilers that conform to the FCI/ARDK breed standard, rottweilers with proper temperament, instinct and drive to protect and work. Free from health defects and specimens we could be very proud of anywhere in the world.

With or without the tail, we will always love this loyal and wonderful breed...