"A miniature Foxhound, solid and big for his inches, with the wear-and-tear look of the hound that can last in the chase and follow his quarry to the death."

Beagles had attracted our attention and resulted with our purchase of two lovely puppies from Tytus Field Kennel. We were fortunate to have met Ms. Elaine Ty, a reputable and respected beagle breeder in the Philippines. We learned alot from her about the breed standard and about our beagles from her line. She has taught us that a true beagle is a well-balanced breed that should be capable of working in the field. It is a good and happy companion, and must have the conformation of a show dog. Both puppies we cared for had grown to be young adults and made unforgettable impact on the breed in our country. Our Tytus Field beagles continue to do magic in the ring.